Love yourself for who you are

If the cause of your shyness is the rejection of something in yourself, whether it’s a character trait or some physiological feature, well, or something else that you do not like about yourself and try to hide or do not show it again, ask yourself a couple questions – “What motivates me so frantically to hide this property, this feature from other people?
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What happens if I take it first for myself and open it to others? “In order to get rid of shyness, first imagine it mentally, and after that you transfer your vision and mood to reality.

Learn to objectively and calmly see yourself from the outside without judgments and assessments. Such a neutral outward vision will little by little awaken in you positive emotions, a feeling of love and joy to the whole world, and to yourself, as a part of this world. This love is directed at what you do not like in yourself. All will turn out!